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The Home Poem

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Growing up without a truly loving home makes life a lot harder. You have to work hard for this if you never experienced it growing up because you may not have a model from which to create such an oasis. The Home Poem reflects what I have always perceived as an ideal home...

There surely is no place like home where you can take a hot bath in bubbles and foam to walk in and say, “Hi honey I’m home.” and kiss your sweetheart and sing the sweet Om.

You may travel the seas and climb the high peaks watch golden sunsets and stars leave their streaks your car may have stalled on a cold winter night too far to walk home and no moon for a light

and there you sit in the deep winter freeze listening to branches crack in the breeze

Wherever you are your thoughts are never too far from a crackling fire and a drink at your bar from the couch by the window with your cashmere shawl where you read a book on a rainy day in fall

Yes the world is full of adventures and delight yet a home always awaits as dawn follows night a piano in your living room longing for your hands to sing sweet melodies across distant lands

When your feet are worn out and muscles do ache think of that pie that is ready to bake oh how much time we spend at home so much of our life lives in that poem

Where dreams can be dreamt and our last penny spent where we can wake up on that Sunday morn feeling the warm sun being reborn

Where the smell of coffee and muffins baking dissolves our turmoil and all else that is aching where we can laugh and play and shout, “What a beautiful day!”

Where our kids can build that secret fort and hide, pretend yet they always resort to return to only that place where they feel your warm embrace

When dinners ready and you make your call they drop all their games and run down the hall food for the soul you serve in that bowl and smile as you see their heavenly glee

There surely is no place like home where you can take a hot bath in bubbles and foam.

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