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A man discovers the ultimate truth about our souls purpose

After leaving his body at the bottom of a lake for 15 minutes or so, this man journeyed to the world beyond the veil. He returned to his body getting resuscitated on the shore of the lake.

In this video, he shares some of what he discovered on a journey that had no time.

Some of the main insights he returned with are:

Earth life is like a play, like a movie. There's 8 million actors on the planet and they're all playing a role.

They come with different costumes, different religions, different races, different sex, different all of these things.

But once the costumes are gone and taken off, when the play is over, and you're back in the light, the costume comes off and what do you know?

We're ALL ONE.



There is no difference between me and you.

There is no difference between you and anybody else.

There is here, we're dressed in costumes to be different.

Knowing things is different than experiencing them.

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