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Johnny Depp in Don Juan De Marco ~ a profound message

This is truly a legendary film. I consider this movie to be a 10 ~ perfect casting, acting, story line, musical score, setting and above all a truly important message. Even the trailer is a 10.

Fundamentally, this is a love story at the deepest level in the sense that Don Juan knows that without true love, life is meaningless.

I had written a poem some years ago called True Love...

What is true love?

True love is rare

True love fills your days with happiness

True love heals all pain

True love is eternal

True love is a feeling of oneness

True love is what everyone is searching for

at their deepest level

True love may be hard to recognize because we have become

used to what we though true love was

True love protects you from what is not true

for only true love is true

This is also a film about what happens when one truly listens with an unbiased mind to someone else in order to discover the deeper meaning of life; often the true healers are not trying to heal but their presence, beauty and depth send waves of healing energy to others.

In a day and age when many seem to prescribe 'pills' when one is feeling down, it's worth looking a bit deeper into a person's life in order to help them get back on track and connect with the passions of their heart that for many have become long forgotten embers buried deep within.

This is a movie about the spirit of passion, true love, friendship, understanding, beauty and so much more.

In one scene, Don Juan says, 'There are only four questions in life; What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same; only love.

This was one of those movies that had a big impact on me and my view of the world and life.

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