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Spirituality does not come from religion

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

On my journey, I came across quite a few paths that clearly fell under the category of 'religion' with their many dogmas, rituals, belief systems and, on the more extreme side, 'cult-like' mentality where followers seem to almost blindly follow what others do and think. This so often causes people to become more like robots then human beings following their own free will.

I was in a number of groups that had strong belief systems. No matter which group, there was one commonality ~ when I'd leave that group, I never stayed in touch with anyone I had met there ~ if you don't think/act the same way as someone else, what keeps you together?

I had seen this quote recently and I felt as though it summarized so much of what I had come to realize was the fundamental issue with these various groups I had been a part of.

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