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Taylor Swift ~ my favourite poet

It was today, April 17, 2024 while listening to this tune ~ August ~ by Taylor Swift, that it really hit me that she has become my favourite poet because of the way I feel when I listen to her works ~ empowered, joyful, optimistic, energized, confident, inspired to share my writings, poetry, blogs, quotes, short stories, thoughts and other offerings.

In one interview she was asked what one of her dreams is and she said that she wants to heal people. I came to realize that she is healing many through her words, music, dancing, performances and kind heart ~ lifting people out of their often mundane feelings of every day life and up into a higher level where joy and dance are all that is truly important.

Society, for the most part, seems to create a lot of people who don't seem to be truly joyful.

In a sense, my blogs illuminate certain discoveries that I made along my journey that had an impact on me. One blog is about Canadian Marc Andre who became the greatest free solo mountain climber of all time, his life ending at the age of 25 after being buried in an avalanche on a mountain far in the north lands. He taught me about confidence and going for your dreams no matter how big the 'mountain' may be.

So my blogs are all a part of my journey, jewels of wisdom or ways to make your life better that I discovered along the way on my long healing journey that I have been on.

I wouldn't have imagined two months ago writing about Taylor Swift and how important a guide/healer/poet/musician/artist she has been for me; she has helped lift me out of a situation that I have struggled in for most of my life ~ a home that fundamentally came to an end before my third birthday when my mom went on her one way journey.

It was like I lost my brother and dad that day too for that shock of the loss went in deep ~ lost them in the sense of the way they had been before when my mom's light could enliven all who were around her.

I believe I was in hopeful optimistic mode, not even being three and hearing the words from my dad upon his return from the Mexican trip, "She's gone to a peaceful place but we can't go there."

I believe based on what he said, I assumed that she'd be back after her journey to that 'peaceful place' he said she had gone to.

There was basically no discussion about her after hearing that line ~ those words seemed to become one of the big myths that I ended up living.

It's not so easy changing one's myth once a person has set out into life taking on perhaps a profession, having a mortgage and a family. Often, people are completely unaware that they may be living a life that doesn't feel in harmony with who they really are.

It's been something that I have been trying to get clarity on for a long time.

Having heard about Taylor Swift and how popular she is, I began exploring her music, listening to interviews with her, seeing her music videos and watching the Eras Tour concert.

Most musicians do a tour after they put an album out. Taylor Swift had written five albums that she never toured for so she designed a world wide Tour called 'The Eras Tour' for all five albums. This tour would literally uplift local economies and from watching it, for sure uplifting all those who went to see it (she'll be in Toronto this November).

  • Thursday, November 14

  • Friday, November 15

  • Saturday, November 16

  • Thursday, November 21

  • Friday, November 22

  • Saturday, November 23

That is one show I would love to be a part of.

The Word 'Eras' means: a memorable or important date or event. especially: one that begins a new period in the history of a person or thing. It's like I feel that before her tour ends, I am going to have a whole new life.

One of the most beautiful scene took place during one of her performances where a young girl comes up to the stage and Taylor goes over to her, bends down gives her a hug and a kiss on her cheek, looks deeply into her eyes and puts her hat on that little girl's head. The smile and the expression of pure joy on that little girl's face is worth all the money in the world reminding us that all children deserve to feel that kind of happiness and love so that they can grow up and live meaningful, fulfilling lives and share that love and light with all those who they meet.

At one of these Eras Tour shows, she performs for close to three and a half hours with no breaks. I have never seen a performance like what she has created.

I had met many 'spiritual guides' along my journey but most of them seemed to be not so happy/joyful themselves ~ good at giving advice and thinking that they knew what was best for me and others to do.

And perhaps, more than anything, all I needed to do was dance and sing or at least work through whatever was preventing me from being in that joyful space that I am sure I was in those first few years of my life when my mom was the central 'sun' of my life ~ always shining her love and light on me wherever we flowed.

And so, it has been these last few months that the energy of Taylor Swift has been in my life and I feel that in a profound way she gave me a kind of love energy that I needed to help me finally embrace a whole new tomorrow, like a New Era that her Eras Tour seems to be inspiring ~ an Era when people can live joyful lives following whatever it is that they most love to do.

In a sense Taylor Swift has been that final healer that I needed to really lift me into a New Era of my life that I have been dreaming about for so long.

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