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The Donkey Sanctuary

My dad had found out about this lovely place near Guelph Ontario where abused,

neglected or donkeys needing a home can live.

There are volunteers who help with many aspects of the program and the public can visit.

I had gone there one day with my dad and niece and thought that it was a truly lovely initiative. I also found it hard to imagine how anyone could actually abuse or neglect one of these magnificent animals.

The motto of the sanctuary is, 'We'll never turn a donkey away'. I thought that was really beautiful. I wondered why we didn't have sanctuaries for people who have been neglected, abused or found themselves in the terrible position of being homeless.

You can sponsor a donkey or mule and support their recovery and ongoing care. By sponsoring a donkey/mule/hinny, you become vital in supporting their medical recovery and behavioral rehabilitation in helping them trust people again. Sponsorships are $75 annually or $10 per month.

I look forward to the day when we have places like this where people in need can go and find some peace, love and harmony like I am sure these donkeys feel when they arrive in this lovely place.

To find out more, here is the website for The Donkey Sanctuary...

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