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Be Friends First

There are many issues in the world in which we live.

It seems that one of the biggest issue is in the area of dating/intimacy/marriage

There seems to be this 'way of living' that most seem to have adopted which often revolves around getting into a series of intimate relationships and at the same time finding themselves often alone inbetween one of these flings that can often last for years and often leave much negative residue in the lives of those who had to experience the heartache of breaking up.

When I began exploring my Jewish roots ~ which was the last 'formal' path that I ended up exploring on my healing journey ~ I learned about the Jewish philosophy of dating which fundamentally is to 'Be Friends First'.  And, after some time, if you feel like this could be a person you'd like to spend the rest of your life with, you can move on to the next stage from Just Being Friends.

Clearly it is not good to be alone as written in Genesis 2:18 'It is not good for man to be alone'.

Imagine how different this world would be if people followed and taught their children Genesis 2:24.  "A man shall leave his father's house and hold fast to his wife and they call become one flesh."  Marriage is supposed to be about oneness.  However, unfortunately, we don't see too many examples of married couples who truly exude oneness. 

There are a few key areas of one's life that should be looked at to discover if you are even ready to take a friendship to that next level:

  • You've met someone great and didn't push them away

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