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Central and South American Tour

It was late spring of 2024.  After all my journeys, healings, writings and reflections, I found myself living in the basement room of the very house where a beautiful life started that hit massive tragedy less than 3 years in that has literally followed me almost every day of my life.

I just wrote the chapter a 'A Social Worker and Taylor Swift' and at this very moment I am listening to her folklore album, song number one 'The One'.  She has no doubt helped me realize just how much I need to take this next step which is leaving this place for good and never looking back.

I looked at the various aspects of my life: talents, gifts, hobbies.  I contemplated the places that I seemed to most enjoy (and looking down at my desk see a little fridge magnet that I bought that says, 'The Beach is my Happy Place.'  For over 30 years I spent a great deal of time at a lonely cabin in the woods ~ about as far away as one could get from civilization on some levels.  But that wasn't who I am ~ I have never identified as a hermit or anti social, it's just that I seemed to have gotten used to that way of life and had almost forgotten that there was another experience of life revolving around a feeling of deep connection which has often felt like fleeting moments dotted throughout my experience of life. 

I had written a poem while in India called, 'My Portable Office...

And so, I felt as though it was time to truly realize this poem and honour the truth in it.  I realized that I have always preferred being in a small town on the ocean, I have always loved the times I learned a language, I love to swim, take photos, write stories/poetry, travel, have always wanted to learn how to surf, want to dance more, and love meeting new people.  

And so, I thought that I could embark on an epic journey with no planned return date and I thought why not start off in the very country where this story fundamentally began ~ Mexico.  I have a few good friends who I know there who could help me learn Spanish, I can travel and check out various coastal towns and make my way down to PanAma where I discovered one of the best places in Central America to learn how to surf, I can write blog entries about my journey and give people the chance to follow my journey and I would welcome friends to join me for part of my journey.  

It seems as though, I become more inspired to write poetry when I am on the road, seeing new settings, meeting new people.

All that I need is an editor and publisher to fulfill that poem.

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