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The ShalomFestival

I have been to quite a few festivals over the past few years and have met many, some having become best friends.  Each festival was different and unique.  From all these experiences I decided to plan one that would incorporate many of the components of Festivals that I have gone to while adding in components that will make The Shalom Festival closer to the kind of experience I was always imagining.

This Festival runs for a week, planning on one in July and one in August around the times of the full moon.

The Sabbath will be observed as a day of rest 

One aspect that makes this special is that it will require part or all of your group to arrive before the festival to set up your campsite as this will be taking place on 185 acres of mostly pristine Canadian wilderness.  You will be asked to bring your own food and to ensure that you leave no trace.  No cans or bottles please.  You can build a little camp fire at your campsite that can be used for cooking.  We'll have larger camp fire spots at various locations throughout the festival

Each group will be asked to offer whatever they would like to the festival ~ perhaps teaching a yoga class, organizing a lecture.  Feel free to turn your campsite into a theme space that others can visit which will make this experience quite unique.  Feel free to bring lots of night lighting to make the festival really light up at night.

The idea is to make this experience as relaxing as possible for everyone.

We have all been through a lot these past number of years.  The idea is to share space

There is no electricity being used for this festival and thus no generators or artificial lights.h

Some of what is included:

  • Saunas

  • Cold plunges

  • swimming

  • hiking

  • visiting horses

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