A Poet's Tale

A fifty one year odyssey

with thirty years of poetry winding through it

from India to Italy, Cuba, Mexico,

Brazil, Northern Ontario

and back home again

where the answers

were waiting

all along...

A Poet's Tale is a journey of loss, sorrow, searching, finding wonder in the benevolence of pristine wilderness and ultimately finding connection...

A beautiful read.

- J. K. Toronto

"What a beautiful work!

I find it so easy to read your poetry, you have such an easy way to

put the truth out there,

it is really beautiful! Congratulations!!!"

- A. V. Brazil

We all have a role

to play

like the trees

and the sun

and the waves

A tree never tries

to be like the sun

and the sun never tries

to be like the waves

Why do people try so hard

to be what they are not?

If you are a tree

create shade

if you are the sun

create warmth

be yourself

everyone is waiting

"I managed to sit in the sun and read your tale this afternoon.
WOW, what a lovely, intelligent and insightful piece of art you have created.

Thank you for sharing your intimate journey and for the delightful autobiographical tone in writing it.

What a great way

to tell a tale!"

- D. C. Canada


my friends

is one great illusion

for the only thing that is real

You can not see


If you invest in paper                                                                          You are much better off
You get paper in return                                                                                 with a dog
If you invest in people                                                                                than a dogma
You get love in return                                        



The Longest journey

from the mind to the heart

 The Temple I go to

is the one I built

inside of me

Pray as you go

Homelessness begins

before you leave


White Throated Sparrow 

singing in urban backyard

calls me to the north

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