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Climbing The Falls


I spent much of the day

climbing a beautiful waterfall

sitting under the refreshing cascading water

Swimming up the river above the Falls to a neighbour's beach

Where the river is much quieter and tranquil

There was a chorus of nature sounds

like the first movement of a long Symphony

There I sat with Heaven

we watched the clouds blow by

in the deep blue sky

Swimming back to the top of the Falls

was slightly quicker as we flowed with the current

We climbed around on the rocks

and marveled at the rushing waters

flowing over the Ancient Canadian Shield

So grounding standing on it

on a warm summers' day

We noticed patterns in the river

seeing them change into new designs

as the white foam from Forest Phosphates

painted a new picture every moment.

At one point

we contemplated doing a canoe journey down the river

that flows into a beautiful lake

but we just decided to stay and keep

the waterfall company

We meditated on the rocks

both opening our eyes at the same time

to be greeted

by a colourful Monarch butterfly

fluttering it's wings 20 feet or so

above the pond below the falls

and the Green Forest was like the back drop

to the butterfly saying hello

and please do stay

It's so nice to see

some peaceful people

who can just BE

with nature

A perfect way

to spend

a warm

summer's day


can be


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