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Be The Hero of your own movie

Updated: Apr 29

Life can feel like a struggle at times. Often we're not living the script that we may have dreamt of. Perhaps some have even forgotten their dreams and settled for the 'routine life'.

Often we can be stuck in the past and not know how to move forward.

We all have gifts to share with the world ~

the more we uncover those and share them the closer we'll get to truly becoming the hero of our own movies.

Sometimes, we need to take a good long break from our typical days and discover what we are most passionate about and then find the support and encouragement to follow our passions.

One friend recently moved to Dominican Republic to follow his dream of learn to kite surf and host others who are searching for a beautiful place to spend some time. Another friend is traveling through Central America putting on dance parties with live music.

Here is some inspiration in under two minutes...

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