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Where weary souls can rest their head

In a world where it seems the 'weak' get left behind, there is an urgent need for loving havens where those who may be struggling can find peace, rest, support, guidance;   A place where one feels truly seen, loved, accepted, respected, and acknowledged ~ A place that feels how home is supposed to be.


Turn your space into a haven

for someone who may not have

anyone or anywhere

to turn to. 

And discover the beauty

of deep friendship that forms when you truly help another.

A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.

Perhaps you have a farm, a cottage, a house, an apartment, a church,

some sort of business, a boat

and have some extra room

that could be shared.

Our vision is to match someone who could use a place to rest

and invite them to stay with you for some time.

We see this as a win-win situation as both sides will be 

benefiting in some way, shape or form.

The other aspect of loveb&b is that so many live alone in

beautiful homes, villas, condos...

In this situation a loving, heart centered person would stay

with them for some time and in so doing

help them along wherever they are at on their journey.


Spending time with a truly loving, heart centered person

allows others to drop more deeply

into themselves.

another win-win scenario;

sharing space in the physical world

and on the level of the heart.

We plan on creating a network of such places throughout the world. 

The size will vary. 

The theme will vary;

at some you may learn how to farm, how to surf, how to cook, draw, become an executive. 

We aim to have various methods to get from one to the other ~ on our cruise line, bus line, airline or using other modes of transportation.

The time is now

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