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people helping people

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On my journey I met and became friends with four homeless people. 

They taught me a great deal about the horrible experience of being homeless. 

One of them would say, "It's easy to end up on the streets but almost impossible to get off."

One of these friends and I came up with the idea of...




  FULLY rehabilitating the homeless

mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

We believe that this will happen at a grass roots level

by individuals, families and communities coming together

and putting time and energy towards solving this issue.  

We are currently creating teams to help people who are homeless or alone.

It is our belief that a small group/committee is required

to help one person who needs support.

If you would like to help

in this good deed,

we would be delighted

to hear from you.

"If one of your brethren becomes poor, and falls into poverty among you,

then you shall help him, like a stranger or a sojourner,

that he may live with you."

~ Leviticus 25:35

into the warmth.jpeg
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