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A quiet mind, is the deepest rest.

~ Reuben Berger

Meditation has been a central theme on my journey.  I was first introduced to it while studying in Israel.  I studied with a number of teachers over the years learning various techniques.  For many years I had let the practice of meditation slip away and those were times when I experienced more inner turmoil.  I see meditation as an essential daily practice.  In 2020, I discovered the best teaching on meditation that I had ever come across and have practiced it ever since.  The following is what I discovered...

"Only through meditation will you be able to still and quieten your mind completely."

"Only then, can Divine Consciousness enter your brain cells bringing Its own knowledge into your mind.  Only then can the flaws of ego be slowly dissolved from your brain cells and nervous systems."

~ From Christ's 2007 message (The Christ Letters) 

Teaching on Meditation

By The Jewish Messiah ~ Jesus Christ (Rabbi Yeshua)

Only through meditation will you be enabled to still and quieten your mind completely.
Only then, can Divine Consciousness enter your brain cells bringing Its own knowledge into your mind. Only then can the flaws of ego be slowly dissolved from your brain cells and nervous systems.

~ From his 2007 message

When you meditate, take up the position which is most comfortable for you. You do not have to go into physical contortions. Rest and relax. Tell yourself to relax and release all your limbs, including your head, neck, face, into a state of utter limpness.

I must impress on you that meditation should be – eventually – as simple as slipping into slumber. The purpose of meditation is to enable your entire consciousness to move beyond the boundaries of intellect and reason. There are teachers who will tell you to 'imagine' … whatever you are told to imagine, you can rest assured you are not being assisted to go anywhere except into new imaginative realms of your own thought processes.

What this method of 'meditating' will achieve for you will be a relief from the thoughts and stress that your ego pressures are creating for you. In the world of imagination, the ego may – or may not – be dormant.

Before commencing meditation, prepare by fully realizing you are about to make contact with 'DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS' both within and transcendent to your consciousness – therefore IT is also out there and around you. Visualize exactly what this means.

Remember, at all times, that what you THINK about is what you are tuning into.

Your thoughts are 'searchlights' making contact with what you seek.

Remember that every 'thought' has its own frequency of vibrations in consciousness. Believe, know this, for this is true. The more spiritual the thought, the higher the frequencies of vibration.

'Consciousness forms' embodied by words are not visible but are 'specific entities of being'.

They have the life of consciousness within them. They are magnetized to like 'consciousness forms'. Like is drawn to like.

Think 'dog' and visualize what you mean, and your thoughts are attuned to the dog species.

Think 'UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS' or 'DIVINE LIFE' with understanding of what you mean – and your thoughts will be directed into 'UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS' – DIVINE LIFE.

If you have fully understood all that I am trying to tell you, you will know that your meditation reaches its target.

Know this and you will find your faith strengthening.

Your faith remains weak because you only hope, or wish, or magnetically 'want to' tune into LIFE-CONSCIOUSNESS, because you hope you will derive some benefit from the exercise.

First of all, before attempting to enter your meditative state, memorize the following prayer so that the words become your own.

When you have become perfectly relaxed, start your meditation with this prayer. Say it slowly and visualize the meaning of each word to enable you to enter into the consciousness of the word and enable the energy consciousness of the word to enter into your deepest self. As you say this prayer, your eyes should be closed and your gaze lifted towards your forehead.

FATHER-MOTHER LIFE, you are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection, my perfect fulfillment of every need and my highest inspiration.

I ask you to reveal the true Reality of Yourself to me. I know it is your WILL that I shall be fully illumined that I may better receive awareness of Your Presence within and around me. I believe and know that this is possible. I believe that you protect and maintain me within perfect LOVE. I know that my eventual purpose is to EXPRESS YOU.

As I speak to you, I know that you are perfectly receptive of me, for you are UNIVERSAL LOVING INTELLIGENCE which has so marvelously designed this world and brought it into visible form.

I know, that as I ask YOU to speak to me, I am sending out a consciousness searchlight into your Divine Consciousness and as I listen, YOU will be penetrating my human consciousness and coming ever closer to my increasingly receptive mind and heart.

I commit myself and my life into your care.

(Each time you say and visualise this prayer, you create a spiritual consciousness form which will become stronger and ever more elevated in frequencies of vibration as the true meaning of the prayer deepens in your mind and heart and your perceptions heighten).

After the prayer, relax ever deeper and let your mind go as blank as you can. If thoughts intrude, gently recite 'Divine Life or 'Father-mother-life' to yourself and again quieten your mind. After many months of sincere meditation, you may come to feel that your body is suddenly jerking, like a person entering sleep and then suddenly waking up. If this happens, be thankful as your consciousness is penetrating the barriers of your previously created consciousness forces encapsulating your soul.

When you feel yourself entering a different deep state of consciousness, so deep you are barely breathing, know that you are beginning to attain your goal. At the end of your meditation, always give glad and grateful thanks.

~ from Letter 8.

Start with ten minutes, moving on to whatever time you are comfortable with.

from The Christ's Letters (9 letters, 16 articles and 5 messages that were channeled starting in the year 2000). 

Can listen to them all here:

To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful activities, is the way that leads to permanent peace and happiness.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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