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Taking the Ferry to Work

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I spent some years working in the Toronto District School Board. My favourite school to go to was the Island school. The Toronto Island is a very special place any time of the year, like a mini vacation and only a 15 minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto.

Taking the Ferry to Work

Working at the Toronto Island School is always something to look forward to no matter how hectic

the city may be or how hot and humid you always know that at the last subway stop you’ll be leaving it all behind as you board the ferry and set off for the island where almost always you are greeted by a cool breeze and the calming effect of sailboats gently cruising the harbour searching for those gusty winds

And then you step off into what seems to be a totally different land where enthusiastic children wait in line for their turn on a ride or explore the beach or perhaps play in the mist at the butterfly pond families having picnics in the shade of a tall tree couples strolling in the sands by waters edge kids play at Island camp and canoes are paddled through quiet canals

Here there are no sounds of traffic people are not in a rush except of course if they’re trying to catch the last ferry

This in fact is the world we all long for a peaceful place where people get along

when all people in this world can commute to work with calmness and tranquility we’ll all be that much closer to peace on earth

Just come to the island and see for yourself how it could be everywhere.

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