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Life Guide

For ten years I was a wilderness canoe guide leading people of all ages on 10 to 20 day wilderness canoe journeys through some of the best canoeing destinations in the world ~ Algonquin Provincial Park, Killarney and Temagami in Ontario, Canada.  There was a common understanding that it wasn't safe to embark on a canoe journey without an experienced guide for you were stepping into a world that most have very little experience in.  There are many situations that with a guide you'd be safe but without one, a wrong decision based on inexperience, can lead to disaster. 

In life, many can get lost or feel stuck because they have not

had good guidance in their life.  One may feel stuck in their

work/job, certain relationships, physical/mental/emotional

well-being, their artistic aspirations or perhaps even where

they live.  Without a guide, one can be stuck for a very long

time because so often we are unaware of the deeper reasons

behind that experience of being stuck.

Many, may not even be consciously aware that they are stuck and just kind of coast along day to day, week to week, year to year.


Throughout my journeys I met many people and discovered that simply by being a good listener, I was able to get a pretty good idea where someone was stuck or having challenges in their life. 


I realized that there were a few key aspects of life that, when addressed, could help lead someone to finding that life they may have been dreaming of for a long time.   Some, may have even forgotten dreams they may have had long ago that got pushed to the back burners of whatever reality they have found themselves living in.

I came to realize that I could use my experience as a wilderness guide and my life experiences to be a life guide. 

We will look at a number of areas of your life:

  • Where you are currently at in life ~ physically, mentally, occupationally, spiritually, emotionally, abundantly.

  • Your main relationships.

  • Where you would like to be.

  • Addictions

  • How you spend your time

  • Your experience being alone

  • The health of your Primary Relationships. 

  • Your current living environment.

  • Healing experiences

  • Past Traumas.

  • Next steps that you can take.

  • Your passions & dreams.

  • What you loved as a child

One of the concepts that we'll explore is the Japanese concept of

Ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your 'reason

for being. ' 'Iki' in Japanese means 'life,'and 'gai' describes

value or worth. Your ikigai is your life purpose or your bliss.

Fundamentally, one could have a new 'game plan' for their life

after only a few sessions.  How long it takes to step into that new life depends on a number of factors but it seems that with the right support and guidance, true change can happen quicker than one may imagine.   

If you feel as though you need some guidance, support, encouragement,

feel free to write me at: 

Best Friends.jpg


Discover the Secret

to Becoming a

Best Friend

Lauren Logan


Reuben Berger

Discover the remarkable story of how two seemingly unconnected people became Best Friends and how they realized that, fundamentally, that is what they have been searching for, for many years ~ A Best Friend.

At the end of the book are retreats and events that you can attend to learn and practice how to become a Best Friend to another human being who is likely struggling with loneliness, isolation, addiction and at the bottom of it all ~ depression which is a natural feeling when experiencing loneliness.  Being lonely and alone truly is very sad.

Lauren and Reuben are on a mission to eradicate loneliness once and for all from this beautiful place that we all call home.

If you would like to join them on this mission you'll surely be rewarded by incredible opportunities to live and work in one of the centers, cruise ships, villages they are creating where no one will ever feel alone.

Order your copy of this incredible story of hope and true friendship and how that truly is the key to creating Peace on Earth. 


This is the ultimate holiday gift for you and all those who you love.

"Friends are the only reason

I made it this far."

~ Lauren Logan

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