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Hang Drum Music for relaxing and sleeping

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I had met Amy Rose LaPrairie at a summer festival some years ago. Some years later I heard her playing this magical instrument ~ it was so enchanting. It was as though I was hearing an instrument as if for the first time ~ and she had such a magical way of playing it.

Tonight, I put on this track, lit a beeswax candle and just allowed the beautiful sounds to fill the room. We feel best when we are surrounded by beauty.

I look forward to what the new 'schools' are going to look and feel like. I see loving places where students get to explore whichever door they'd like to and spend as long as they want in each 'classroom'. Perhaps some will never leave the acting class or dancing class or building class. In the new schools, you'll truly be able to follow your heart and spend your time in whatever excites you the most.

There will always be delicious, healthy food for you to eat and lovely people to connect with. You'll never feel alone ~ you'll feel supported in the way you've always needed so that you can blossom into what you've always been dreaming of blossoming into.

You'll hear beautiful music like this when you're in the lounge or by the sea for we'll have campuses in many beautiful locations.

Enjoy this magical music ~~~

And may you discover that life that you have always been dreaming of. All you really have to do is just do whatever keeps you in the highest vibe, all else, just let go and move on to that life you've been dreaming of since your earliest days. Dreams that most people gave up on and likely even forgot.

Music like this can help stir you out of the patterned ways of life where each day is pretty much the same as the last. In the adventurous life, each day is like a whole new epic journey ~ that is how life is meant to be experienced. That is why people love going to festivals or parties even though they always have a beginning and an end.

Thank you Amy Rose LaPrairie for introducing me to this instrument...

It's always so special when you perform ~ can hardly wait for your next show.

May all your dreams come true.

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