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Commuting to the office

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Headed off on my bike down the long, winding driveway

merged on to the side road

slowed down on the bridge to watch the water

flowing underneath over the rapids

turned onto the main road

after the first hill saw two deer coming out of the bush

they ran diagonally across the road in unison

disappearing into the woods on the other side

I smiled

A few cars passed

mostly it was just quiet

a cool breeze

morning sun slowly rising as the mist burns off

the still river slowly ran under the second bridge

a Blue Jay called

up and down some hills

by a flowing creek

I pull into the main lodge

Walked over to the patio

the lake was as calm as glass


I walk up the stairs past the executive offices

to the pool lounge

Shortly after one of the bar staff

brings me up some Sweet Dream Tea

the sun is shining in through the glass windows

reflecting off the wood walls

and the massive stone fireplace

a perfect setting for some

early morning writing.

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