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Toronto's Classical Music Station

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

For the last number of years of my journey, I found myself listening quite a bit to Toronto's Classical Music Station, 96.3, CFMZ~FM.

There was one announcer who I particularly enjoyed listening to, Kathleen Kajioka. She would mostly be the host in the evenings. There was such a melody and rhythm, almost playfulness to her voice which I found intriguing and uplifting as though it was nice to hear someone who exuded happiness; she seemed to be doing a job that she loved ~ sharing her deep knowledge of various classical composers and their music.

The tag line for this station is 'Beautiful music for a Crazy World'; CFMX was like a haven where I could hear some beautiful music and the voice of a woman who truly seemed to be living with passion and sharing that with others.

I recall at times thinking that I look forward to the day when they could finally change their tag line to something more like, 'Beautiful music for a beautiful world'.

We can all help create a more beautiful world by sharing our talents and gifts with others.

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