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Cognitive Dissonance ~ questioning our beliefs

I likely first heard this term when studying psychology in University. However, like most of what I learned in that institution about how the mind and human behavior worked, very little of it stuck with me likely because most of it was just theories that weren't true.

Of the three years that I had studied psychology there were a few key concepts that stuck with me that seemed relevant to the day to day lives of people. Most of these concepts I discovered after spending those years in those very hollow and shallow 'lecture' halls. Yes, it's like we've been 'lectured to' ever since we step into grade one from the free flowing days of Kindergarten.

Over the years, I have seen how people react when their strongly held belief system is contradicted by another view point. In the search for 'what is true', it seems important to ask ourselves if certain beliefs we have may not be true.

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