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Dead Man's Rope ~ a Sting song

I was visiting some friends in their front yard garden that they had transformed into a theater, lounge, haven for birds, healing center, Torah learning center and haven for anyone who could use a little rest, inspiration, upliftment. The little speaker was playing some classical music and then some more contemporary tunes. One of them was a 2003 song by Sting that I never recall hearing before. The words rang true with the journey that I had been on for most of my life with a 'tombstone on my back'.

Later that day I read over the lyrics and felt the truth of his words ring out...

It begins, "A million footsteps, this left foot drags behind my right

But I keep walking, from daybreak 'til the falling night

And as days turn into weeks and years

And years turn into lifetimes

I just keep walking, like I've been walking for a thousand years

Walk away in emptiness, walk away in sorrow

Walk away from yesterday, walk away tomorrow

If you're walking to escape, to escape from your affliction

You'd be walking in a great circle, a circle of addiction

Did you ever wonder what you'd been carrying since the world was black?

You see yourself in a looking glass with a tombstone on your back

Sting ~ a true genius

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