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Rebirthing ~ a guided breath work journey

On my journey, one of the most powerful breath therapies that I came across was a technique known as Rebirthing. Rebirthing is an alternative therapy technique used to treat reactive attachment disorder. This therapy uses a specific kind of breathing (breath work) meant to help you release emotions.

The first woman I met who guided me through these sessions which would last 2 hours used an analogy of 3 clear cups. In the first cup there were all these blocks dots at the bottom, these represented repressed emotions/feelings and subconscious patterns within the body. In the second cup, when 'breath' was added, all the black dots were stirred up and there were only a few dots left in the third cup meaning that with enough breath work, one would be able to clear away many feelings that had been 'stuck' in the body.

Years later, when some friends were visiting at the cabin up north, I found this guidedRebirthing session. Ideally, you'd have a coach guiding you through this journey in person but this is a pretty good substitute. You'll need about 90 minutes of undisturbed time for this journey.

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