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Sitting on a park bench

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I was sitting on a bench by a quiet street in a small town one summer day and a few moments later a woman sat down beside me. After some time we started talking and we became friends. The other day I mentioned that I might be in her town and that it would be nice to meet up. One of my letters to her flowed this way...

I really love how we met ~ it was like I felt your beauty even before we said a word.

There we sat on a bench on a quiet street...

Blue sky, white fluffy clouds, warm summer air, gentle breeze over the cool lake,

the shade of a big tree...

too many sit alone on benches.

With you beside me

I felt more at home.

I guess that is what great artists do ~ they create more beauty, peace and harmony ~

So many ways to express ourselves

Education comes from the latin edu care meaning 'to uncover'.

Growing up we should be given ample opportunity to explore and experience

many different parts of, sports, debating, public speaking, building, drawing, writing, surfing, skiing, hiking, film making, farming, research, writing essays, books, movies. It seems that people naturally gravitate towards certain activities, hobbies.

The 'education' most have experienced seems to do the exact opposite ~ it's like our talents never have a chance to be explored or developed because we're constantly being distracted by truly irrelevant information and we have to endure the presence of a 'teacher' that we likely don't even feel a connection with.

No wonder so many seem dazed and confused ~ going through the motions of life but not really in touch with their emotions ~ it's like all the 'motion' covers up our deepest emotion and so most appear almost as robots ~ not truly following their hearts.

It's like people spend their days in pursuits that simply suppress their feelings and for most it seems to begin with the first thought most people wake up with ~ thinking about that first hit of dopamine in the morning coffee followed by a day filled with dopamine hits they likely receive on one of their many social media outlets. It's incredible that more people don't seem to see that practically our entire society has some very serious addiction issues.

Well, meeting you has been a breath of fresh air ~ you seem to follow your heart as much as possible.

Have a beautiful night,

much love

Your friendly poet,


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