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Sitting on the church steps

I had gone to visit a friend the other day. Normally, we would meet on the bench outside a church that I have never seen open. There is a parking lot that is almost always empty. On this particular day, there were two homeless looking people on the bench. Our secondary hang out spot ~ on the main steps ~ was also occupied by what looked like two more homeless people. So we decided to sit on one of the steps at the side.

I leaned up against the big wooden doors and said that I looked forward to the days when there would be no more locks on the doors and all those who needed a warm meal, a hug, or just a quiet peaceful space could walk in and be warmly greeted by loving people. It seems that is exactly what Rabbi Yeshua/Jesus would want for any place built inspired by his life.

And, it would give all the members of such places truly noble and important work to do by helping bring more joy, happiness and hope to their community.

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