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Stepping out of your comfort zone

There is a tendency to stick with what feels 'safe' in life. Yet, when we step out of our comfort zone we often get a glimpse into aspects of ourselves that can remain covered over when we stay in the 'safe zone'.

There are many aspects to achieving more of one's potential ~ when we step out of our comfort zone we often find the most growth as we nurture and cultivate aspects of ourselves that like an iceberg can remain beneath the surface of our awareness.

Last fall I heard about an acting class and signed up ~ it was incredible. At times I wondered why I was acting certain ways like smiling when it didn't seem appropriate. I became aware that there was some nervous tension within me that rarely came to the surface in the 'safe life' I had cultivated.

Around the same time I began exploring cold water immersion where you'd submerge all but your head in an ice bath for a few minutes at a time while practicing some simple breathing exercises ~ I was amazed by how this helped to regulate and balance my nervous system. I was amazed by how much I was writing after painful sensations in my forearms cleared away.

I have seen that the more we step out of our comfort zone the easier it gets to to try new activities or explore new situations that one may have previously avoided in their 'safe' lifestyle.

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