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Sunset over the hills of Jamaica

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

I had been in Jamaica for a day as a stop over for a one week cruise. We had biked down a mountain on these cool windy roads. We made it to the sea at Chukka cove where we jumped off some cliffs into the clear ocean waters. I had taken this video.

I had some time before the cruise boat was setting sail from Ocho Rios. A taxi driver gave me a tour of the town ending with a visit to a bit of a back alley by a little river before he drove me back to the ship.

I was walking onto the ship after an epic day and the first place I arrived at was the art gallery ~ I saw a couple standing in front of a painting looking at it.

Some time later, I wrote, 'People looking at art but missing the beauty in people'. It was such a vivid moment and realization.

I had a spa treatment booked for the end of the day and I recall the ship leaving harbour and seeing the setting sun over the green hills of Jamaica as I walked along the deck feeling the warm ocean air. I walked into the spa and had this delightful treatment with a salt scrub, warm algae spread all over followed by a long rest on a floating warm bed followed by a shower and a massage. It's incredible how one can feel so alive after such a day of adventure, realizations, spa treatment, ocean swims and back alley visits.

May we discover the beauty within all who we meet along our journey for each person is like a work of art in a sense, sometimes we just need to take the time to really notice.

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