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Walk with a Poet

The Background

I heard an amazing quote recently by Pablo Picasso who wrote, "The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."  Sometimes our gifts may be apparent to others but not to ourselves.  It seems as though the luckiest people are those who have at least one person in their life who can be like a mirror in which we can 'see' ourselves more clearly, see our gifts.

In some ways, Taylor Swift has been someone who has helped me to see how my gifts can uplift and inspire others as I have become aware of how she has been changing lives through her music, performances, poetry.



On falls_edited.jpg

I have also become more aware that I have become a better listener, noticing that often people will open up to me to share aspects of their lives that they may not share with too many others, perhaps they have no one at all to share with.

Other journeys can include:

A day trip to Beausoleil Island ~ some of the best hiking in Southern Ontario

Taking the Ferry to Work

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